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About Us


Run Your Queendom Inc., was founded with the everyday girl in mind. Our Founder & CEO,  Aisha Freeman, wanted every girl to truly understand her worth, strengthen her confidence, and know the power of their crown.


In 2017, Run Your Queendon started as Queendom Inc., hosting events only in the community setting and later turned into an in-school enrichment program for girls in 2018. Upon the name change in 2019, Run Your Queendom Inc., began to carve out a more concrete setting within the greater Houston area that continues to push underserved youth to understand who they are and what they can become.


To date we have served over 1000 girls and have completed over 3,000 hours of community service.


Core Values

Our core values are leadership, mentorship, and service. These core values directly align with our programs and the skills we want our girls to develop. Everyone that works with Run Your Queendom is equipped with these values to ensure that they are able to fully work with the girls we serve on a daily basis

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