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Confident Queen Program

The Confident Queen Program is developed for school aged girls to develop a sense of confidence, promote self esteem, and nurture self worth. Confidence is defined as having a firm feeling and belief in something or one's self. This program will guide girls as young as 8 and as old as 18 to better navigate life through a healthier lens of being. 


Healthy Queen Program

Healthy Queen Program is meant to emphasize the importance of keeping the Queendom healthy at all times. This program will explore nutrition, physical health, and mental health. Utilizing the concept that "health is wealth" each session will allow girls to explore the power of emotions and feelings with oneself, family, and peers.


Educated Queen Program

The Educated Queen Program is curated for school aged girls to understand the importance of academic achievement, goal setting, and career outlook. This program is utilized to explore different career options allow girls to witness women in the field of STEAM, business owners, and various fields. Goal setting is key to establishing and maintaining your Queendom. Each session will allow girls to build on their short term and long term goals all while exploring different avenues after high school, college, and more.  

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